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Fieracavalli Verona 2019

From November 7th to November 10th, the 121st edition of the Fieracavalli, a horse fair, took place in the beautiful city of Verona in Italy. What a great opportunity to visit this romantic city, where I have never been to before, to see impressive shows, to do some shopping and - this is a very special one - to see the contemporary art exhibition "Art&Cavallo", curated by architect Federica Crestani.

The exhibition took place in Hall 8 - a hall where, during the weekend, you had only access with either a ticket for the Fieracavalli Jumping show or the Gold Gala ticket. I had not bought a ticket for either of the two up front because I only learned short noticed that you do not have access to the exhibition with your normal Fieracavalli ticket. So I ended up standing in line for the Fieracavalli Jumping ticket even though I purchased a ticket online to avoid the queus. I thought: do it for the art!

And it was absolutely worth it. After spending some time in the different areas of the fair, I decided to finally see the exhibition. I loved Federica Crestani's choice of artists. There were horse sculptures, photography, and paintings. So all you could ask for. And the artists of the different rooms complemented each other perfectly. Let me share some pictures with you:

This exhibition room shows the artworks of three different equine artists.

I especially admired Irina Kazaridi's photography, the four photographs which you can see on this picture.

However, the room I fell in love with the most is the one shown on this picture. It displayed sculptures by Hrvoje Dumancic which I had previously discovered in Instagram, so I could not wait to see those in the physical world.

In the same room, Benedicte Gele presented her abstract horse heads. I was glad that I could see her artworks before seeing pictures on the internet because you have to feel the aura of her work. Standing in front of a horsehead, it feels like you are actually looking into the soul of this horse through it's eyes which are incredibly detailed, which is in complete contrast to the rest of the head.

It is incredible how the sculptures of Hrvoje Dumancic and Bendicte Gele support each other. It is the perfect combination and I would love to have their work in my home some day.

Last but not least, here is a piece of Federica Crestani, the curator of the exhibition. She makes impressive, three dimensional artworks that bring the horses to life. You can literally feel the wind that blows through their hair!

It was a fantastic day in Verona with great pasta in the old town, a short sight-seeing tour of the city (because I just could not resist spending some hours in this beautiful city since I had to rush back to Milan in the evening), seeing all the horses and beeing surrounded by thousands of horse lovers, talking to some of the artists at the exhibition and seeing the jumping show in the evening, won by one of the best Swiss equestrians: Martin Fuchs with Tam Tam du Valon.

And if you are wondering: of course I saw Giulias balcony! (proof picture below :))

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