horses have always been a crucial part of my life.

I sat on a horses back long before I learned how to walk. I have countless memories of the time I spent together with the family at the stables. we went through it all: birthday parties, sleepovers, horse shows..

all these countless memories thanks to those gentle animals who had always been there for us.

through my art I want to express their elegance, energy, pride, and willfullness which I had experienced with them ever since.

my artwork captures unique moments of these majestic animals in motion.

trapped within the moment, they try to escape from the two dimensional frames they find themselves in and unleash their strength through the observer's eyes.

it is up to the obserser's fantasy to decide whether the horses eventually break free - or whether they have to remain within their moment forever..

I guess that with my art I somehow expresses my own restlessness and the fast paced environment I find myself in. when I draw I get trapped within the moment - a moment of peace and joy.

I wish I could stay within this moment forever.

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Jana Kunzler

Zürich, Switzerland

© 2019 by Jana Kunzler.